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Anti Counterfeit
Counterfeiting or plagiarising of merchandise · Product counterfeiting
We can offer you the best possible protection for your products:
anti counterfeit product authentication and identification System

What is Counterfeiting?
Counterfeiting or plagiarising of merchandise · Product counterfeiting
There are a number of legal definitions of counterfeiting and, along with the word 'piracy', it covers a multitude of other sins, not least the copying and marketing of music, films and computer software, and of designs and patents. As far as fake products are concerned, and to keep it simple in the context of this report, counterfeiting is: " The deliberate attempt to deceive consumers by copying and marketing goods bearing well known trade marks, generally together with packaging and product configuration, so that they look like they are made by a reputable manufacturer when they are, in fact, inferior copies".

Why is counterfeiting so bad now?
Counterfeiting has become a prevalent and growing problem to society and the economy for a number of different reasons: It is extremely profitable for the criminal. The rise in popularity and value of brands Information technology - cheap but powerful computers e.g.linked with embroidering machines, can reproduce virtually any logo or mark. Fake labels also are easy to produce. Globalisation of commerce. Virtually no risk for the criminal.

Protect your trademark and products with gegen produktpiraterie und gegen fälschungen
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SECUTAG is the state-of-the-art in color-coded micro-particles with layers >1µ. Our manufacturing technology and screening process make it unique within competing products - Unique, cost-effective for any application.
Your products are identified by microscopic particles that are unique - like a 'fingerprint'.

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